Archaeologists Anonymous

What is, or is not, 'real archaeology'?

Mission Statement

On the 19th March 2012, at the IoA 75 debate 'Archaeology into the 3rd Millennium', UCL undergraduate Stacey Hickling asked a resounding question, ‘What are your hopes and fears for the future of archaeology?’. We felt this question called for more representative responses from the global archaeological community: from volunteers to undergraduates, commercial archaeologists to museum curators, professors to finds specialists. We ran this question and invited responses between July 2012 and February 2013 when we switched to out current question, ‘What is, or is not, ‘real archaeology’?’

Archaeologists Anonymous seeks to provide a platform for archaeologists to express their broad range of opinions on the subject and find more representative voices to discuss and debate the future of our field. The project provides anonymity and requires regressive creativity, the making of a postcard, as alternatives to the hyper-identified and fast-paced nature of contemporary digital communication.

Postcards will be made visible on this simple blog site as and when received. The images will be archived online and off line by the project team. The objects received will be similarly archived with a view to using them in discussion sessions in the future. They will, when the project has run its course, be deposited in a suitable location.